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  • Dan P.

    “Great- very pleased with the cleaning. The kitchen was clean and the floors done well. We have a dog and that was important to us.”

    Dan P.
  • Sheri J.

    “I couldn’t be happier with the service they provide.”

    Sheri J.
  • Leslie R.

    “It’s been wonderful having Ruth come and make my home so liveable, with my busy life I tend to be more cluttered than I like, and definitely look forward to coming home every other Friday to beautifully cleaned home. So soothing to the soul.”

    Leslie R.
  • Rhonda M.

    “The girls who came today did a fantastic job. They were quick and efficient and the house looked beautiful. We are very pleased.”

    Rhonda M.
  • Angela D.

    “Loved the way you cleaned her house on the first time. The bathrooms were perfect!”

    Angela D.
  • Jennifer M.

    “The cleaning was above and beyond my expectations the house was not only spotless but everything was still in its place and had been cleaned underneath.”

    Jennifer M.
  • Michael M.

    “They are great. I gave them a key and they send the same person each week to perform the cleaning service. They are trustworthy and professional. The house always looks great when I get home. I get a call each week to remind me they are coming. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

    Michael M.
  • Christine R.

    “I was so impressed and pleased and it was a delight. They cleaned places I didn’t even know were dirty.”

    Christine R.
  • Janet H.

    “I think Ingris is doing a very good job and she is very careful with the items in my home.”

    Janet H.
  • Charlotte P.

    “…an excellent job. I particularly appreciate the vacuuming of the bathmats in the baby’s bathroom and the couch.”

    Charlotte P.
  • Debbie W.

    “You did a great job. She was very happy with the cleaning. Thank you!”

    Debbie W.
  • Donna B

    “The house looked fantastic!”

    Donna B.

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